The Culture Prize 2019

"The 2019 Compass Rose Cultural Prize is awarded for the many years of successful work to develop Bromarv as a live and vibrant village. Half of the prize goes to Ragna-Lise Karlsson and Tanja Eriksson, who founded the village shop Skafferi Ett in Bromarv almost nine years ago, and the second half to Bromarv village council rf, which has revived the village with summer market, service pier, garbage disposal and the new small boat marina. The dedication and results are inspiring examples of the revitalization of sparsely populated communities throughout Finland.
Tanja Eriksson and Ragna-Lise Karlsson, who run the village shop Skafferi One, which offers many tailor-made services.
Bromarv Village Council Chairman Henrik Huldin, among other things the Bromarv marina project.
Thje Chairman Nils-Erik Villstrand holds the congratulations speech.
The Donation Fund Secretary Kristian Donner holds many threads.
A happy and satisfied party crowd.
Award recipients and congratulators at Restaurant Theodors in Bromarv, run by Petras Catering.
The orchestra Jalmar Donner (guitar), Max Malmberg (ukulele), Josef Donner (vocals) and Oleg Donner (accordion) played and sang many archipelago-related pieces that greatly strengthened the connection with environment and activity in Bromarv.